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Greaseless Fryer Express TWO Basket Greaseless Fryer Commercial Air Fryer

Greaseless Fryer Express TWO Basket Greaseless Fryer Commercial Air Fryer
Greaseless Fryer Express TWO Basket Greaseless Fryer Commercial Air Fryer
Greaseless Fryer Express TWO Basket Greaseless Fryer Commercial Air Fryer
Greaseless Fryer Express TWO Basket Greaseless Fryer Commercial Air Fryer

Greaseless Fryer Express TWO Basket Greaseless Fryer Commercial Air Fryer    Greaseless Fryer Express TWO Basket Greaseless Fryer Commercial Air Fryer
YOU DON'T HAVE THEM? Ries are the number one. Side order in the world!

And other foods your customers really want.. Instead of cashing in on. Our completely updated, expanded, more powerful and valuable-than-ever.. No Smelly-Oil - No Special-Wiring. NSF Certified / UL Listed.

FREE Cleaning Kit and Cooking Utensils Included!! Have a Greaseless Fryer Express. Claim your (GFE) Greaseless Fryer Express System Today.. And stop worrying about where your next customer is coming from and how to keep them coming back!

This is NOT the higher output Fry Wizard Model FWA-3. If your demands require the high. Output Fry Wizard FWA-3, it is NOT available online from. We Sell NEW Equipment ONLY.

TWO (2) Basket Greaseless Frying System. Double the capacity of single basket, one order at a time. Here's what Bonnie, Owner of Rockin' Relics had to say about the.

About 10 years ago we restored a 100 year old building and 1940. Began serving Panini sandwiches, soups and salads, baked goods, sodas and ice cream. We wanted a healthier menu while still serving nostalgic favorites. People say they want healthier options, but what they REALLY wanted to order was. We seat 40 people at a time so our operation is small.

Have the ventilation system setup for a large grill or fryer system, nor did we want to. Alter this historic building in that way. The Greaseless Fryer Express was the answer to. We use our Greaseless Fryer mainly for side orders of shoestring French fries, sweet.

Potato fries, curly fries, onion rings and chicken nuggets. We find with the double. Baskets going, a FULL load is usually done in just a few, short minutes. Appreciate that our foods are air-fried, not fried with additional oil.

The service we receive from this company is top notch! Installation, maintenance and daily use.

They were able to suggest products from our. Own vendors, USFOODS and Sysco that would work well in our Greaseless Fryer. Have used our Greaseless fryer Express daily for several years.

Questions, Tony was great at troubleshooting immediately. You just do not find thi.

Kind of personal service anywhere else! Even on a weekend, I have been able to leave a. Message and get a call back usually within hours! Ever in Rugby ND stop in at Rockin' Relics and see for yourself! Exclusive, Patented Impingement Cooking Technology Offers the Highest Production Output While Using the Least Amount of Energy!

Ventless - No Hood Required. The Equipment and Accessories Supplied. High Speed / High Production, "Impingement" Two-Basket Greaseless Fryer System. Patented, Stay-Cool "SURE GRIP TM" Removable Basket Handle = Eas.

Y to Use - No Oven Gloves Needed. Uses Less Electrical Power Than Most Hair Dryers.

Efficiency and Output Unmatched by Other Air Fryer Brands. While Producing Higher Product Output In Two Baskets Simultaneously. Produces Healthier, Lower Fat Food Items, Compared to Deep Fat Frying. The Greaseless Fryer Express' simultaneous multi-order capability will outperform all competing greaseless systems!

FREE - FACTORY TRAINING Program (Full Details Below). Simultaneously produces multiple orders or batches of french fries and other food items at high-speed. Other so-called greaseless fryers can only produce one order at a time, rather than the large batch of fries or other food items that our unit is capable of producing. With our system, you will have shorter cook times without customers backed-up waiting for their orders.

So versatile, based on your customer demand it can produce multiple orders of different items at the same time or just a single order at time. With our system, you can serve multiple customers instead of one-at-a-time. Serve one person or a whole crowd orders of fresh french fries, chicken wings, a hot dog and french fry platter, etc.. It's fast, simple and efficient to produce perfect, fresh, high-demand food items.

T he affordable answer that allows any business to start offering great, high-profit, high-demand menu items! Ryan, owner of Holland Downtown Dogs said..

The Fry Wizard has been an awesome tool for our restaurant, because we are not allowed to have an open flame. Having the Fry Wizard has given us the opportunity to offer a variety of products to our customers including hamburgers and French Fries, which we previously could not offer. The biggest surprise has been our customers prefer a Fry Wizard "grilled" hot dog, versus our traditional boiled hot dogs that we. Note: The Greaseless Fryer Express (Known as the the GFE) and the Fry Wizard Model FWA-3 are two different models manufactured by the same company. Both utilize the same patented Impingement Cooking Technology and both models have two baskets.

The main difference, is that the big brother Fry Wizard is the Super High Output model for highest demand locations. Who uses the Greaseless Fryer Express? Bars, Billiard Halls, Coffee Shops, Delis, Ice Cream Stores, C-Stores, Sandwich Shops, Country Clubs, Hot Dog Stands, Zoos, Little Leagues, Ski Lodges, Convenience Stores, Bowling and Skating facilities, Flea Markets, Civic Centers, Malls, Bistros, Wine Cellars, Pizza Parlors, Amusement Parks, Health Clubs, Video Stores, Comedy Clubs, Fried Chicken Stores And More And More. The Greaseless Fryer Express System quickly produces a wide variety of high profit menu items that your customers want. (Served with the exact look and taste as if they came off of the outdoor BBQ). Other high profit items that can be quickly prepared in the Greaseless Fryer Express include. Toast and Melt cheese on sandwiches in seconds! Organic Food Items such as Organic French Fries. The Most Versatile System Available. We do not know of any items that cannot be cooked using our patented Impingement Air System.

Hundreds of items are available locally through your favorite food suppliers. Aside from producing the most popular, high profit menu items such as french fries and other crispy fried items, the Greaseless Fryer Express also perfectly produces everything from cookies, muffins, biscuits, dessert snacks and hors d'oeuvres. So how does it work? How does the "Impingement Air Process" use air to fry foods?

The Greaseless Fryer Express Air Frying System is designed to quickly cook the highest quality food items, (the same items all of the the most successful restaurant chains and businesses serve) which come. Your favorite food distributor or even at your local warehouse store.

Our patented "Impingement Air Process" system is engineered so that the baskets do work. He standard baskets and trays that are used by other greaseless fryers on the market only hold the food items while cooking. The Specially Engineered Greaseless Fryer Express Baskets are an integral part of the cooking process allowing for higher speed / higher production capability. With the "Impingement Air Process", heated air is circulated in the cooking area at high speed (4 to 5 times faster air movement, versus a typical convection system) and is captured by the Basket's "Impingement Air Process".

After the air is captured, it is circulated around each food item being prepared. The hot-air sears and seals the outer layer of the food item, locking in precious moisture. Then, the captured, concentrated air continues to penetrate through each food item to create perfect, fresh tasting food items.

This exclusive, patented "Impingement Air Process" maintains the critical moisture in the food items while cooking it to a crisp texture, rather than drying-out the food items like other convection based greaseless fryers on the market. For example, if French Fries are being prepared, the Impingement Air Process seals in the moisture and heats the oils that are applied to the french fry at the processing plant and the high concentration of hot, circulating air actually fries the potato in its own moisture and coating of oils. You've never eaten such perfect, crispy french fries. And what makes them even better and healthier than french fries that are deep fat fried is that they're not soaked in soggy grease. Easy to Use / Our patented Stay-Cool, "Sure Grip TM" Removable Basket Handle eliminates the need for oven gloves.

High Speed - High Production. No special wiring or electrical outlet required. Precise, adjustable time and temperature control.

Temperatures ranging from 100'F - 450F. High speed fan for even air distribution / 4 to 5 times the air circulation versus a regular convection oven. Heavy-Duty, stainless steel, commercial cooking device construction. Removable door and rack slides for easy cleaning. Cool touch safety Stainless Steel door.

The Greaseless Fryer Express Two (2) Basket Cooking System Includes. 1 - Greaseless Fryer Express Machine. 2 - Large "Impingement" technology food prep air baskets. 1 - Stay-Cool, "Sure Grip TM" removable basket handle (No oven gloves needed).

1 - Stainless steel drip tray (Catches small drippings that may occur). 1 - Electronic E-Z carry around timer (Loud with Large digits). 1 - 18" X 13" Large preparation tray (Holds hot baskets for salting fries). Also included Scraper, Brush, Tongs, Oven cleaner, Latex gloves and Stainless Steel Cleaner.

14-l/4" H x 19" W x 18 D. Inside dimension: 8-5/8H x 14"W x 11"D. 12 amps, 1,450 watts 50/60 Hz. Plugs into a standard 120 VAC Receptacle. No Special wiring - No Special Outlet.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Included - FACTORY TRAINING Program. With each Greaseless Fryer Express System, you'll receive a complete listing of the most popular, highest quality food items t o help you get started as quickly and easily as possible. One of our consultants will provide expert factory training via telephone to all buyers of the Greaseless Fryer Express Cooking System.

This includes expert advice on everything from. We reserve the right to choose the carrier. You will receive a Brand NEW Greaseless Fryer Express Cooking System in the original factory packaging. The item "Greaseless Fryer Express TWO Basket Greaseless Fryer Commercial Air Fryer" is in sale since Wednesday, March 21, 2018.

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  • Model: GFE - Greaseless Fryer Express
  • MPN: GFE
  • Fryer Type: Greaseless Fryer, Air Fryer, Ventless Fryer
  • Power Type: Ordinary 120 Volt AC Electric Outlet
  • Manufacturer: The Fry Wizard
  • Greaseless Fryer: Ventless Fryer - Impingement Hot Air
  • Oil Free Fryer: Hot Air Fryer
  • Electrical Wiring: 120 Volts AC - NO Special Wiring or Outlets Needed

Greaseless Fryer Express TWO Basket Greaseless Fryer Commercial Air Fryer    Greaseless Fryer Express TWO Basket Greaseless Fryer Commercial Air Fryer